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  • Enchanted Galio is a possible reference to Chernabog from the Disney film Fantasia.
  • Hextech Galio has some resemblance to The Iron Giant from the eponymous Warner Bros movie, and some resemblance to the characters from the movie "9".
    • Hextech Galio could be a reference to Clank from the Ratchet and Clank series.
  • Commando Galio is a reference to the Imperial Guard of the Šablóna:W series.
  • Galio's Gatekeeper skin is one of the legendary skins at 1820RP which was released on April 23, 2012.
    • His skin resembles Hellboy, a hero from Dark Horse Comics, due to his red skin, giant fists, demon horns, and chonmage hairstyle. His wings are the only contradiction to the likeness of Hellboy.
    • The runes that mark the arms, also mark the cards of Underworld Twisted Fate. Showing a link between the two skins, as Galio guards the gate to the underworld.
  • In early 2012, Galio's classic artwork, as well as those of Šablóna:Ci, Šablóna:Ci, and Šablóna:Ci had their artwork replaced with the Chinese Classic artworks. Galio's classic artwork was changed again since then, however.
  • Galio's Gatekeeper skin is the 3rd non-comical legendary skin. the 1st belonging to Šablóna:Ci and the 2nd to Šablóna:Ci

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Šablóna:Lt Šablóna:C-bot

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