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  • His walking quote "For great science" is a reference to the internet meme "For great justice", which originated from the Engrish translation of the game Zero Wing.
  • His other walking quote, "Back, you dirty ape, back!" is a reference to Šablóna:W.
  • Šablóna:Ci League Judgment contains a quote from Heimerdinger, who insults him in a technical manner: "The probability of your continued existence is rapidly approaching zero."

Skins Edit

  • Alien Invader Heimerdinger is a reference to Šablóna:W, a comedic alien invasion movie.
  • Piltover Customs Heimerdinger changes the look of his turrets to engines.
    • The skin's art background has the Šablóna:Csi flying vehicle.
  • Blast Zone Heimerdinger's Chinese artwork is used as an image to show that the League of Legends store is under maintenance.

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