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  • Jayce was designed by FeralPony and Hephastopheles.
  • Jayce is voiced by Šablóna:W.
  • Jayce is the 100th champion for League of Legends.
  • After the community indicated that Jayce's lore made Šablóna:Ci seem "like a Saturday morning cartoon villain", his lore was rewritten to better reflect how Riot viewed their rivalry.[1]
    • This makes Jayce the second champion, after Šablóna:Ci, to have their lore changed due to community feedback.
  • Jayce is the second champion to have his ultimate available at level 1, the first being Šablóna:Ci and the third being Šablóna:Ci; however, unlike Karma, Jayce and Elise can later level up thier ultimate similar to the majority of the champions in the game in order to increase its potency.
    • Jayce is the third champion to have access to all his abilities at level 1, the others being Šablóna:Ci, Šablóna:Ci and Šablóna:Ci.
    • Jayce is also the first champion to have 8 abilities.
  • Jayce is one of the four champions who is labelled as both melee and ranged, the others being Šablóna:Ci, Šablóna:Ci and Šablóna:Ci.
  • Jayce's dance is a reference to Šablóna:Pl, which is a song by M.C. Hammer. A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
    • Jayce's dance is similar to Šablóna:Cis dance.
    • Also, Mercury Cannon - Hammer can be simplified to M.C. Hammer.
  • Jayce may also be linked to 'the Apprentice' from the game Šablóna:W.
    • He has melee and ranged attacks, and look similar, as well both can fire of a blue ball of power.
    • In addition, both have the title of defender.
  • Jayce's moniker the "Defender of Tomorrow" is a reference to Šablóna:W.
  • Jayce appears to be left-handed judging from the way he holds both his hammer and cannon in either stance. This is in contrast to his portrait which has him holding the Mercury Cannon in a right-handed fashion.
  • Jayce and Viktor's relationship is similar to Howard Stark and Anton Vanko from the Marvel Universe. One wants to use the energy source only as an energy source, and the other wants to use it for more 'evil' purposes.

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  • Jayce's joke is possibly a reference to Gogeta's actions from Šablóna:W, where Gogeta tells Omega Shenron that he will, "Extinguish every single cell in his body," but instead fires confetti to him.
  • "Shocking" is likely a reference to Goldfinger
  • Jayce shares a quote with Viktor: "Pave the way."

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  • Jayce views Šablóna:Ci, the machine-augmented scientist from Zaun, as a dangerous enemy to Piltover.
    • Viktor defeated Jayce and stole a powerful arcane crystal to power his creations. Jayce later created the Mercury Hammer and counter assaulted Viktor's laboratory, destroying Viktor's prototype weapons.

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Jayce Art Spotlight06:43

Jayce Art Spotlight

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