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  • Lux was designed by Shurelia.
  • Lux has an unusual Champion Spotlight: Shurelia herself explains how Lux and her abilities works as well as giving out pointers.
  • "Lux" is the Latin word for "light" and is the SI unit of luminance and luminous emittance.
  • Her name was Luminance Fraeulein before. ('Fraeulein'(Fräulein) means "young woman" in German.)[1]
  • Lux is the third champion, after Šablóna:Ci and Šablóna:Ci, to be announced and then have her model re-imagined before it went live.
    • The redesigned model is based off of a painting by Katertot.[2]
      • "Katertot" is the forum nickname of Katie DeSousa, who was hired by Riot as an artist shortly after she submitted the fan rework of Lux's image. [1]
  • Lux's design, along with her ultimate, her joke, and her skins draw heavy inspiration from Šablóna:Wikia, the Ordinary Magician, of Šablóna:W.
    • Lux's joke about being an ordinary mage corresponds with Touhou 7 (Perfect Cherry Blossom), where Marisa says "Me? No, I'm just an ordinary magician" when accused of being a light magician.
    • Lux's penchant for mimicking spells on sight described in the lore is similar to Marisa's tendency to steal moves from other characters as well.
  • Lux's ultimate Šablóna:Ai was originaly named Šablóna:Ai which translates to "Final Sparkle".
    • It had been renamed Infinite Light in V1.0.0.144. Due to community demand, the ability was again renamed to Final Spark in V1.0.0.145.
    • "Final Sparkle" was likely a reference to Marisa Kirisame's upgraded spellcard called Final Spark.
  • Lux was announced in the Journal of Justice: Volume 1, Issue 06 prior to her official announcement.
  • Lux currently ties with Šablóna:Ci for most amount of jokes, both residing at 4.

Quotes Edit

  • Lux's taunt about power levels is a reference to the manga/anime Dragon Ball Z.
  • Lux's taunt "In the name of Demacia, I will punish you!", is likely a reference to the manga/anime Šablóna:W.
  • Lux's movement quote "I love it when a plan comes together" is a reference to the Šablóna:W Colonel Hannibal Smith's favorite catchphrase.
  • Lux's joke "Shhh! I'm charging my laser..." is likely a combination reference to a flash video meme which starred Imperfect Cell, a villain from Dragon Ball Z, where he said "Imma firin' mah Lazer". It could also be a reference to Lady Jaina Proudmoore from the Warcraft series. Lady Jaina Proudmoore often says Shh, I'm trying to think here.'.
  • Lux's joke "Double Rainbow? What does it mean?..." and the follow up joke "Well, a 'double rainbow'..." is a reference to a YouTube video where a man severely overreacts to seeing a double rainbow.[2]
  • In the polish client, Lux's joke "Light? I carry it in myself" is a reference to a line from a polish song "Light, you carry it in yourself" and is sung in the same melody.

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  • The splash art for Sorceress Lux resembles the character Šablóna:Wikia from the Touhou Project, when Marisa is shown in her navy-blue dress and riding a broom (or a vine) in memorable versions. Also in the splash-art of the Sorceress skin, Lux is in front of a full-moon, likely a reference to Touhou 8 (Imperishable Night), the first game in the series to have clearly depicted Marisa on a broom, where the story revolved around retrieving stolen full-moon.
  • Spellthief Lux is another reference to Marisa Kirisame, who also steals spells.
  • Imperial Lux is likely a homage to the Star Wars universe; bearing a strong similarity to Admiral Dodonna of the Old Republic.
  • Imperial Lux is often compared to the visual look of Street Fighter's M. Bison who has a fairly similar appearance.
  • Commando Lux possibly is a reference to the Imperial Guard of the Warhammer 40,000 series.
  • Lux currently has a skin on hold under the name "Steel Legion Lux".

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