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  • Nami was designed by Classick.[1]
    • Nami was originally going to be named after Classick as "Romlariel", but this was decided against.[2]
  • The name "Šablóna:W" (波) has several different meanings in Japanese, but is commonly translated as "wave," as in ocean waves.
  • Nami's concept is inspired by the mermaid, a mythical creature, typically related to the sea.
  • The tiny sharks in Nami's joke are visually similar to the Šablóna:W board game Let's Go Fishin'.
  • Nami's lore draws some parallels with the Šablóna:W series, where the safety of a fictional utopia was owed to the power of "sunstones".
    • As part of the story, the last of the sunstones were dying and the only known remaining supply resided beneath the ocean.
  • Nami's ability, Šablóna:Ai, is a reference to the movement of water, often in relation to natural tides.
  • Nami's passive ability, Šablóna:Ai, was originally named "Celerity".[3]
  • Nami's first ability, Šablóna:Ai, was originally named "Hydro Blast".[3]
  • Nami's second ability, Šablóna:Ai, was originally named "Surging Tides", which is now the name of her passive, Šablóna:Ai.[3]
  • Nami's third ability, Šablóna:Ai, was originally named "Aqueous Empowerment".[3]

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  • Šablóna:Csi eyes were originally red in her classic art but was later changed to orange-yellow.
  • Šablóna:Csi is a reference to the Šablóna:W of the same name.
    • When Koi Nami does her joke, three Šablóna:W are called out during the animation instead of three tiny sharks.
    • Koi Nami has koi fish animations applied to all of her skills except Aqua Prison. 


  • Nami's quotes, "Let the seas reclaim them.", and, "We are all tied to the ocean.", are references to the theory that all life came from the ocean.

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Šablóna:Reflist Šablóna:C-bot

Chyba citácie Značky <ref> sú prítomné, ale nebola nájdená žiadna značka <references/>

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