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Abilities Edit

Orianna is accompanied by the Ball, which is the focus of her abilities.

  • The Ball has a leash range of 1125 (Ball leash range is increased by 100 when attached to an allied Champion).
  • The Ball attaches itself to Orianna if she walks near it; it also recalls back to Orianna if she is too far away from it.
    • The Ball will also recall if the target of Šablóna:Ai moves outside the leash range.
  • The Ball reveals a small area around its current location, approximately 550 vision range.
  • The Ball ignores terrain, and can be placed inside terrain or thrown through it.
  • Whenever Orianna does not have the Ball attached to her, an arrow will appear around her, showing its location. This arrow changes color depending on Orianna's distance from the Ball.
    • Green (Blue in colorblind mode) means the Ball is close.
    • Yellow means the Ball is a fair distance away.
    • Red means the Ball is far away, and moving just a bit away will recall the Ball back to Orianna.
  • A global cooldown of 0.15 seconds is applied after each ability use.


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