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  • Sejuani was the first champion released in 2012.
  • Sejuani was first announced by Ezreal in one of his posts.
  • Sejuani's title was formerly "The Winter's Claw," but has since been changed to "The Winter's Wrath."
  • Sejuani is likely the anticipated female boar-themed champion, though many thought that the boar would be the champion herself rather than being the mount of the champion.
  • Sejuani's boar is named Bristle.
    • Riot employees jokingly calls Bristle as Kevin Tuggles.
  • In Sejuani's Art spotlight, the artist names the layer that has the boar on it "Piggles". Screen capture of it.
  • Regarding the Ranca_Golden_Hour speculation, this screencap, from the Art Spotlight at around 5:17 for a split second, it can be seen that Ranca_Golden_Hour.jpg is in fact just a reference image. Google Imaging Ranca Golden Hour will also give this image as the first result.

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  • "Winter is coming" is a reference to the motto of House Stark from the Šablóna:W book series and the popular HBO program adaptation. It has also become a popular meme.

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  • In the Chinese artwork for Darkrider Sejuani, she is wielding her weapon and shield in the opposite hands.

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Súbor:League of Legends - Sejuani Art Spotlight


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