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  • Soraka is voiced by Lisa Lindsley.
  • Soraka's Šablóna:Ai ability can provide the most magic resistance reduction in the game. A full 10 stacks provides 120 magic resistance reduction at rank 5.
  • Soraka's name is derived from the Japanese word "sora," which means "sky," a reference to Soraka's celestial nature.
  • Soraka was one of the champions available in the Ionian pool during the Ionia vs. Noxus match. She was one of the selected champions.
    • Soraka was in the previous Ionian versus Noxus match and had apparently performed quite poorly.

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  • Soraka's new joke, "Yes, that was a banana. *giggles* No-one expects the banana!" is a reference to the community nickname for her conspicuous autoattack projectile. The second part of the joke may also be a reference to the Šablóna:W sketch Šablóna:W notable for the catchphrase "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition".
    • This could also be a reference to the 'banana kill' meme that is used in tournaments and other live events, where an "unexpected" last autoattack by Soraka kills off an enemy and the crowd goes wild about and/or the commentators commentate on how the last banana got the kill.

Skins Edit

  • Soraka's Classic skin changes color depending which team she is on. Her jacket is either pink or yellow.
  • Dryad Soraka is based off of the dryad, a Šablóna:W of the trees (specifically oak trees) from Greek mythology.
  • Divine Soraka is intended to show her appearance before she fell from grace by using her powers offensively.
  • The Chinese version of Dryad Soraka is the background image of the "Utility" section in the mastery pages.
  • Soraka currently has an unreleased skin under the name "Battle Priestess Soraka".[1]

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