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  • Taric was designed by Brackhar.
  • Taric is voiced by Dennis Collins Johnson, Who also voices Šablóna:Ci and Šablóna:Ci.
  • Taric's name most likely originates from the Arabian name "طارق/Tariq", which means "A person who hammers".
  • Taric is likely left handed, as that is the hand that wields his hammer (though some of his splash art portrays him holding it in his right).
  • The in-game description for Šablóna:Cai is a reference to Diablo 2's gem socketing, in particular the Skull's effect, which also restores mana on hit.
  • Šablóna:Cai is a likely reference to the popular Tower Defense game series GemCraft.

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  • Taric's joke is a reference to the 80's cartoon "Jem" intro.

Skins Edit

  • Šablóna:Csi is a reference to the Šablóna:W Tier 5 Paladin Armor. The player Fanatik photo-shopped the pink-tinged suit, including such things as the leg warmers, a furry purse, and pink sun-glasses.[1]
  • The Chinese Art for Šablóna:Csi and Šablóna:Csi shows multiple seals attached to his armor, and hammer, similar in appearance to seals attached to armor and weapons worn by space marines in the Šablóna:W franchise.
  • Taric can be seen on the Taric's tropical bottle of the Šablóna:Csi skin.

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