Šablóna:Top Šablóna:C-top

Skins Edit

Chinese artwork Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Tristana was designed by Ezreal.
  • Tristana's appearance and likely inspiration bears a strong resemblance to the main character from the Šablóna:W series.
  • Tristana has the third longest possible auto attack range in the game at 703 range at level 18, right after Šablóna:Ci when he uses his Šablóna:Ai, which grants him an auto attack range of 710 and Šablóna:Ci when he uses Šablóna:Ai which grants him an auto attack range of 850 but changes his attacks to skillshots.
  • You can start to Recall during Šablóna:Cai without interruption.

Quotes Edit

  • Her quote "Is that a rocket in your pocket?" is a variant of Šablóna:W famed quote.

Skins Edit

Relations Edit

  • Tristana and Šablóna:Ci became close friends after joining the League, though she ignores any questions pertaining to a blossoming romance with him.
  • It is suggested from the Journal of Justice that Šablóna:Ci has a crush on Tristana, and therefore named his mechanical robot "Tristy".


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