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Abilities Edit

Each of Yorick's basic abilities allow him to summon a ghoul possessing the following characteristics:

  • The ghouls will immediately try to attack the closest enemy champion to them and won't stop following and attacking them until they die.
    • If targeted onto a minion or monster and no enemy champion is nearby, the ghouls will continue to attack that target.
    • If no enemy targets remain, the ghouls will follow Yorick until an enemy comes into range.
  • The ghouls' total health and attack damage is equal to 35% of Yorick's total health and attack damage.
  • The ghouls' attack damage is affected by Šablóna:Ii, increasing their damage to 40.25% of Yorick's total attack damage.
  • The ghouls' health is reduced by 20% of their max health every second. This limits their max duration to 5 seconds.
    • Although ghouls' can be healed in some ways, such as through the use of Summoner Spell Heal, their max duration remains 5 seconds.
  • The ghouls' basic attacks deal physical damage and benefit from Yorick's armor penetration.
  • Their base attack speed is 0.670 and does not increase by level.
    • Yorick's ghouls can attack a maximum of 3 times during their life span.
  • The ghouls take 50% reduced damage from AoE spells and are immune to slows.
  • They have a base 10 armor and magic resistance plus 2 per level of Yorick.
  • Their armor and magic resistance are affected by Šablóna:Ii and Šablóna:Ii.
  • Their movement speed is Šablóna:Pp depending on Yorick's level.
    • Their movement speed is affected by boots with the Šablóna:Ii enchantment and is increased to Šablóna:Pp.
      • The movement speed can be calculated using the same movement speed formula for champions.
  • Multiple ghouls of the same type cannot coexist. When a ghoul of the same type is summoned the previous one will disappear.
  • The ghouls are classified as allied minions for all intents and purposes, including turret targeting priority.
  • The ghouls do not award any gold or experience when killed.



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